Regarding Airline / Company Player to Player sales.

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Regarding Airline / Company Player to Player sales.

Messagepar johnnyhenderson » 05 Sep 2017, 08:04

Hi, in recent weeks the airline and company markets have been booming and groups have traded from hand to hand quite a lot. We've also had a few problems with users saying they were not notified or they weren't given back investments they made in the company. I would like to state some of the following rules regarding these sales below.

1) The main owner does not need to tell anybody that he's selling the group. Only the owner(s) need to talk about it. You're also not entitled to any sort of money payment or another rank in the new group, the new owners can remove you if they wish.

2) If you were lucky enough to be promoted to a high rank in an airline it doesn't mean you own a part of it. You do not need to be told / warned about the selling of the group.

3) Any donation you made to a group is considered exactly that. Once you have donated you can not get it refunded and you are not entitled to get that money back if the group is sold. Although, if you ask nicely and are on good terms with the owner they may give back your investment / donation(But please remember they don't have to).

4) Group Investments (Paying money to become a higher rank) - If you're going to invest money into the group then you need to discuss before hand if you'll be refunded in the event of the group being sold (May pay to take screenshots of the agreement in case a dispute breaks out - which has been fairly common recently). If no agreement was made then we will favour with the main owner, they will not have to give you a refund in this case.

new 5) The original owner (i.e owner who originally decided to buy the airline) who donated the most cash (money donated to buy the airline and money donated to the airline) is considered to be the main owner unless otherwise specified (written proof required).

In addition to these rules the admins and myself have become decided on some new rules regarding airline / company sub forums.

1) Your group must be at least 2 weeks old to have a sub-forum setup, no Brand Video. This is due to most new groups being sold within this time, it's becoming a pain to edit / manage these boards.

2) Due to the excessive amount of sub boards being created we have limited each group to have only 3 Sub forums. Current groups that have more than 3 sub forums can still keep them.

3) As you may have noticed both airlines / companies can now advertise their groups on the PL website home page, at the moment this is free but after awhile we will start charging $100-300k per day, once the feature has been setup the money will be automatically charged from your group's account. Groups also need to be at least 2 weeks old to get their group advertised.

I'm hoping this will avoid further problems will group selling. If you have any further questions please feel free to ask below.


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